Gift Guide: Geeky Gamer and Nerdy Fandom Subscription Boxes for Pop Culture Fixes

More than anything, a thoughtful gift says, “I like you just the way you are.” Gifts that celebrate our unique qualities and quirks, are impactful because they recognize what makes us who we are. Geeks, nerds, gamers, and enthusiastic fans all share one thing in common: zest and excitement for life. Tap into that joy and celebrate the lovable dork in your life with a gift just as unique as they are.

What is the best subscription box for geeks?

From anime to Marvel comic books to Star Wars, Doctor Who, or Stranger Things, the Cratejoy market has brilliant, beloved corners of popular fandoms today for all of your gift occasions. Monthly subscription boxes are the gift that keep giving, and all fans appreciate fresh stock of their beloved hobby.

Geek subscription boxes speak to the fandom at hand. Boxes full of limited edition items, wearable gadgets, cool manga merch, and even prop replicas from sci-fi tv shows are all great geek fuel. From pop culture to video games, we’ve put together a fun gift guide of subscription boxes that fit your favorite nerd.

What are some popular geeky subscription boxes?


Air Drop Crates

From $33.58 per box
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Why You'll Love It: Air Drop Crates is perfect for the gaming and eSports head in your life. Top-of-the-line gaming accessories are packed in this box with incredible value and reviewers back up the claim wholeheartedly. The brand's Instagram community is so engaged, you feel like you're interacting with friends who have the box, too. Tune in for giveaways each month to boot.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. between the 5th and 10th of each month


Smugglers Crate - The Star Wars Gift Mystery Box!

From $36.50 per box
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Why You'll Love It: This crate full of Star Wars collectibles and gear wins subscribers over from the first box. It's as though the brand speaks to the heart of inner geeks everywhere and bam! Fans from galaxies near and far love the five to eight products that come in each box, from figures to art work to clothing.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.K. between the 1st and 4th of the month



From $6.99 per box
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Why You'll Love It Featuring popular fandoms from Game of Thrones to Star Trek, the Zanini Box is a budget-friendly geeky gift. A mystery pin box, each month delivers 3-5 unique high-quality enamel pins customized to the likes and interests of every subscriber. Thoughtfully curated to deliver beautifully designed and well-crafted exclusive pins, every box is sure to excite all sorts of fans and gamers.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. between the 2nd-5th of each month


GeekGear WIZARDRY Special Edition Subscription

From £44.99 per box
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About the Box: Join scores of fans that get a box of wizarding magic delivered right to their front door with the GeekGear monthly subscription. Great for lovers of all things Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts, each box is packed with 6-10 licensed products, including everything from an exclusively designed T-shirt, exciting collectibles and Hogwarts house themed socks, to wall art and postcards.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.K. except for select countries between the 21st-26th of each month


Kal-Elle Fandom Monthly

From $17.00 per box
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Why You'll Love It: Kal-Elle focuses on pins, jewerly, and apparel that celebrate a different theme each month. From "Friends" fandom to NASA's stargazers among us, this highly-rated subscription service is known for its curations of items beyond the realm of Amazon for a unique experience in every unboxing.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. between the 23rd-27th


Fangirl Monthly Box

From $18.50 per box
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Why You'll Love It: This anime and manga-inspired jewelry subscription box is a jewelry club with high-quality curation in mind. Fandom has never looked sweeter than these delightfully-wrapped items each month, from stationary to pencil pouches. Follow the brand's Instagram to check out the monthly themes and tune in there to see the reveal of the next month's box!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. between the 5th and 10th each month


Mystery Toy Box

From $31.99 per box
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About the Box: Showcasing some of the top toy brands popular among teen and adult toy collectors, like Kidrobot, Tokidoki and Superplastic, each Mystery Toy Box by Mindzai packs in over $65 worth of value, for nearly half that price! Choose favorite brands, then unpack an exciting mix of 5-8 toys in every box, that may include popular Funko pop culture figurines, or collectible mystery packs from Cryptozoic Entertainment, Disney or Sanrio.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 15th of every month


Cryptid Crate Monthy Subscription Box - Cratejoy Edition

From $43.00 per box
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Why You'll Love It: For super geek fans of the paranormal and beyond, this nerdy mystery box is themed each month with cyptozoology and spooky items. Reviewers love the zaniness of the themed boxes "in this COVID world," as Juliana J. put it.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the first weekday of every month


Gaming Guru (Monthly)

From $29.99 per box
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Why You'll Love It: UnboxBoardom is on a mission to bring games that help everyone unplug and play, and is perfect for those who love to play games of all kinds! Available as a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly box, choose to send the featured board game or opt for the element of surprise. Delivering everything from popular party games to challenging card games, this box will slowly grow a game collection that features some of the best on the market.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. on the 15th of the scheduled month