The Best Subscription Boxes for Kids That Ship to the UK (2021)

In every nook and cranny across the globe, kids want nothing more than to play, learn, experience new things and have fun! Plenty of our most popular monthly subscription boxes for kids ship directly to the UK, and every day, more are being curated and packed locally, making it easier than ever to have a special delivery turn up in the letterbox.

What are the best subscription boxes for kids that ship to (and from) the UK?


STEMist Series (8+) | Groovy Lab in a Box Monthly Subscription

From $29.95 per box
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When it comes to science, technology, engineering and math, kids can learn so much by getting hands-on and putting principles into practice. The STEMist Series from Groovy Lab in a Box entertains kids 8 and up through STEM experiments that combine the scientific method with the engineering design process. Your kids and tweens will unbox all the supplies they need to start inventing, problem solving and learning!


Single Art Club

From £15.90 per box
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Designed by experienced teachers, Make + Wonder is a craft subscription box that delivers creative activities themed around an inspirational woman. One of the best kids' boxes to get ideas flowing, each month’s kit supports freeform creativity, sending idea cards, curated art supplies and an illustrated story. Engage their imagination and promote exploratory play, critical thinking, and problem solving through color and texture.


Little Bookish Wardrobe Book Club

From $33.33 per box
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Not your typical book subscription box, Little Bookish Wardrobe wants to encourage kids to become part of the action! Each curated box centers around a new book, going beyond reading by bringing costumes and accessories that help kids let their imaginations run wild. Give your littles a unique reading experience with coordinated arts & crafts, interactive cards, and games, too.


Green Kid Crafts STEAM Box

From $28.00 per box
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A perfect rainy day box, Green Kid Crafts delivers a Discovery Box packed with themed activities, projects and crafts. Spend quality time together exploring STEM topics with the help of pre-planned and prepped activities. It's simple. Just unbox eco-friendly and sustainably sourced materials and supplies and get straight down to learning and having fun with a variety of topics, like flight, color science, outer space and more.


GeekGear WIZARDRY Special Edition Subscription

From £44.99 per box
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Have a Harry Potter- or Fantastic Beast-obsessed kiddo in the house? Then we have the perfect monthly subscription for you –– GeekGear! Offering up a monthly box of wizarding magic, choose from 5 unique subscription options to get a wide variety of fan gear and officially licensed goodies. From wands and wearables to exciting collectibles, figures, artwork, accessories and snacks, there's a little something for every fan.


History Activity Bumper Box

From £13.95 per box
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Happy subscribers say that Mysteries in Time offers brilliant value for money, arrives on time and offers loads of historical fun. Take the kids on a trip through history with each month’s time machine box filled with educational activities that bring history to life. Follow Max and Katie on their adventures in illustrated storybooks, learn new facts from the monthly history booklet, and get extra themed goodies, like stickers, maps and bookmarks.


Pen Pals Letter Set

From £4.95 per box
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Teaching tolerance and empathy from an early age is the first step in making the world a better place. Themed boxes from Our Little Globe are designed to showcase a different country each month. With a world map on the wall and play passport in hand, kids get the chance to explore culture and get exposed to the global community in a creative way, enjoying crafts, kid-friendly recipes, stickers, pen pal letters and more!


Electronics (12 Projects ANNUALLY)

From $104.97 per box
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Creation Crate is a monthly STEM subscription box that’s great for 12 year olds and beyond who like to learn by doing! From the first box, enjoy hands-on educational projects that teach skills required for success in the STEM fields. Perfect for budding engineers and kids intrigued by electronics, gain access to online video lessons, step-by-step tutorials, bonus challenges, and an opportunity to learn and grow.



From $24.95 per box
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Happen to have a fidget-obsessed kiddo in your life? Well, there's a subscription box made just for them! The Fidget Toys Subscription is a budget-friendly box that sends a steady stream of new fidgets to keep them calm and occupied. Each Mini Box delivers 5-7 mystery toys, including some of the most popular fidgets out there. Get in on the ultimate fidget grab bag today!


Think Outside Boxes (7 - 16+)

From $37.00 per box
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Following a year-long curriculum, Think Outside Boxes are here to teach real life skills through outdoor adventures. Everyone from young kids to teens can get inspired to head into the great outdoors with hands-on activity boxes that cover a wide range of skills, like creating shelter, fire building and navigation. Each monthly box also helps them get trail ready by adding a piece of high-quality gear to their pack!



From $24.95 per box
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Screens are inevitable. Instead of loading on the restrictions, make sure that they're getting quality screen time with Bitsbox, a monthly subscription that allows them to create and build apps themselves. Kids between the ages of 6-12 will learn to code by making colorful, loud and interactive apps and games. It's time to put those critical thinking skills in motion with a monthly supply of fun app-building projects.


French Story Box! US Subscription

From $24.99 per box
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Ideal for little language learners and parents who want to promote bilingualism but aren't sure where to start, One Third Stories is a monthly subscription that brings an original storybook and audiobook, activities and games to help facilitate learning either French or Spanish. With sequential boxes that build on previous lessons, and stories that begin in English and end in the second language, kids reinforce their learning and gain confidence.


Mud & Bloom Box

From £12.95 per box
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Mud & Bloom is the perfect way to encourage the kids to head out in the garden or beyond, learning about plants, insects, the seasons, animals and birds. It's just a fact of life that kids and dirt go hand-in-messy-hand, so give them the chance to connect with nature in a playful way. Each box brings a mix of planting activity kits and nature craft kits, complete with instructions, extra games, and quizzes.