Subscription Boxes for Writers That Inspire Monthly Motivation

Do you spend your days and nights with story ideas running through your head? You must be a writer. And being a writer means sleepless nights, using lots of paper, running out of ink in your pen, and embarking on a creative journey that many people will never pursue. It’s as rewarding as it is frustrating, and we want to help make it all easier.

Different than a book-of-the-month club (though definitely book club adjacent, because after all, writers tend to be readers, too!), subscription boxes geared towards writers can help you get those creative juices flowing and give you the encouragement you need to put pen to paper. So whether you’ve been inspired by the latest new release in your TBR stack or you're in the midst of penning your first thriller, writers boxes will give you the support you need month after month.

What are the best gift boxes for writers?


Scribbler Box Subscription

From $27.50 per box
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Book nerds and bibliophiles of all types can learn to write their own bestseller with the Scribbler Box! Write an article, tell a story or pen a poem with a tried-and-tested method that makes it easy to get things in motion. Each box will guide you through the writing process, teaching you the ins and outs of the craft, and offering encouragement and pro tips on how to penetrate the publishing world.



From $29.00 per box
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Whether you're looking for a writing gift or you want a subscription service that will keep you moving towards your goals, The Storrior Box is for you! Not only will you unpack plenty of writer swag, but each month's box has a theme that focuses on a particular area of writing, from the art of comic book writing to how to land representation and get your work out there! Plus, you'll join an online community of fellow writers, just like yourself.


The Write Notebook

From $44.00 per box
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While it's great to have ambitions of getting your work in front of the masses, don't underestimate the power of journaling and letting the words flow for yours truly. The pros at The Write Notebook curate a box filled with high-quality supplies, including a notebook, sticker sets and washi tape, pens, pencils and other writing utensils and self-care goodies, too! It's got all the DIY inspo you need to jot your thoughts down.


SCRIBEdelivery Subscription

From $25.83 per box
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What You’ll Get: You probably have all of your ideas and notes written on 100 scraps of paper lying around your desk. The best way to keep your thoughts from running wild is to get them in one place! SCRIBEdelivery will send you boxes filled with pens, pencils, notebooks, and stationery items so that you can have your story concepts written down where you can find them.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. between the 5th-9th of every month


Book Lover's Box

From $27.50 per box
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Wildflowers and Ink is a box that celebrates the inextricable link between readers and writers. A book subscription box that's geared towards writers, subscribers will unbox an inspiring poem, a new book and bookmark, along with writing prompts, a journal, a pen and coffee-themed bookish goodies. Not only will you continue to feed your love of reading, but you'll restock your writing supplies and spark your creativity, too!


The Writer's Box

From $42.00 per box
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Looking for a great gift idea that will help your little one get inspired to write? The Writer's Box for Kids will have them hooked from the very first box! This playful teacher designed box aims to get their imaginations working at their full potential, sending focused lessons, new writing tools, swag (to stave off writer's block), and a club activity that will inspire them to confidently and proudly share their work with the world.