Witchy Aesthetic Decoded for Mere Mortals

Witches no longer have to keep their practices hidden: they’re everywhere, sharing their witchy aesthetic with other witches and mortals alike. Black lace, wide brimmed hats, crystal jewelry, and kitchens filled with dried herbs are all key components of a witchy vibe.

Dark colors and gothic-style clothing, with a focus on vintage silhouettes, as well as earthy influences are foundational elements of the witchy aesthetic, with modern witchcore combining the most magickal parts of dark academia (dark neutrals, old books, candlelight) and cottagecore (living in the woods, herbalism, gardening).


Like most aesthetics, witchcore gained popularity on TikTok, where witches have been sharing their looks, rituals, and insights from their practices. Although witchcraft may bring to mind the likes of the Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz or the Sanderson sisters from Hocus Pocus, the modern witch aesthetic is more inspired by shows like Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina and FX’s American Horror Story: Coven.

Witchcraft isn’t exactly like it is portrayed in Harry Potter, either. Many modern witches use their rituals and practices to focus on self-care and empowerment, letting the magick help them understand themselves and the world a little better.

Still need some help cultivating the witchy life you want to live? We’ve put together some ideas for your witchy aesthetic.

Witchy Wardrobe

Every witch brings their own sense of style and magickal proclivities to their manner of dress. Start by looking for inspiration on Instagram and Pinterest. If you’re like me, you’ll be drawn to darker color palettes and more gothic styles, focusing on black and flowy cuts in your clothing. Try dressing up your outfits using jewelry from Rebel Misfit Treasures Monthly, where crystals are often key elements in accessories.

If you’re not into the darkness, that’s fine, too. You might take inspiration from something like Witchy Life Story, a game released in 2022 that focuses on the cozier vibes that can be associated with witchcore. Finding kinship with this nature-inspired energy may mean that you’re drawn specifically to the look and practices of a Green Witch. As a green-style witch, you’ll lean into the energies of the natural world and may be interested in seeking out unique hand-dyed pieces made out of earth-sourced materials for your wardrobe.


Witchery at Home

The witchcore aesthetic doesn’t stop at what you’re wearing! Witches often keep witchy items around their homes, and may even set up an altar with meaningful trinkets, stones, and sacred objects. Creating an altar means cultivating an environment that’s important to you with objects that act as spiritual reminders during your witchy rituals.

Try adorning your altar (or your home) with beautiful magick crystals, like the ones from Awakening. Crystals have so many uses, from helping ground you during difficult times to opening your heart and mind to the gifts the universe has to offer.

Small tokens, candles, and other ephemera can also help bring the witchy aesthetic into your home. Items like what you’ll find in The Witches Roots will help bring the natural world inside while focusing on what you need for your witchcraft.

Still looking for the perfect witchy décor? I love finding Halloween decorations that can be used year round—especially items that have a dark edge but don’t scream “trick or treat.” Twisted candlesticks, matte black metal décor, and anything related to herbalism all fit this vibe. I also like displaying oracle cards in my home because the aesthetics of the cards work with my personal witchy aesthetic.



If you’re a mortal, have no fear because witchy rituals don’t have to involve special tools, equipment, or magic wands. Each witch’s magick is absolutely their own, so let yourself be led to whatever calls out to you. Some witches love journaling for shadow work, which helps to uncover the deepest and most repressed parts of oneself. For that, a beautiful pen and a handbound journal would fit the aesthetic.

Divination is another important ritual for many witches—but it doesn’t always mean seeing the future. Witches often describe divination as using a tool like Tarot or oracle cards to reflect back what may remain unseen so that they can visualize themselves with more clarity. At first, choosing a Tarot or oracle deck can be intimidating because there are so many options. Subscribing to the Mystic Tarot Box lets you explore different decks and learn more about the Tarot every month, allowing yourself to grow more comfortable with the cards' energies and your own skills.