The Best Subscription Boxes for the Teens

Between TikTok and Y2K fashion coming back in style, it’s incredibly hard to keep up with the trends taking teen and tween girls by storm. With a constant stream of new interests, new media, and new trends, navigating all the new products to give gifts can become incredibly overwhelming! Luckily, there are plenty of monthly subscription boxes for teens that make it a point to stay on top of these things so you don’t have to.

Here at Cratejoy, we have the best gift subscriptions and monthly tween and teen boxes that offer fun ways to enjoy a little freedom, explore new interests, like self-care and clothing styles, and develop their unique identity. Whether you're looking for fun gift ideas, a reward for their achievements, or something special to encourage them, we've got doodle crates, DIY beauty and craft boxes, and book-of-the-month clubs that fit the bill. No matter what vibe you’re after, this lineup delivers the goods for tweens and teens!


BOTI Box (Beauty on the Inside) Subscription

From $33.26 per box
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The BOTI Box (Beauty on the Inside) is full of unique and positive goodies for girls in the 8-12 age group. Focusing on themes, like inner strength and empowerment, the inspiring folks behind the box curate an assortment of gift items that aim to help young girls find and embrace their inner beauty, including pampering products, jewelry and positive affirmations.

“This is a very special small business, run by a kindhearted and thoughtful family. The monthly themes for each box are inspiring and crucial to girls. The unique items are chosen to pair well with the current theme and include a wide variety of goodies ranging from all natural body products, pretty jewelry, adorable room decor, cute crafts, and more!” – Courtney S.

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the United States on the 4th of every month.


3rd-5th Grade Level Box (Updated)

From $39.95 per box
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Right from the first box, Black Girl MATHgic sets out to serve the most underrepresented demographic in STEM careers by helping girls of color connect math fundamentals to the real world! Highlighting different Black women role models, every monthly box includes a themed math activity booklet, fun educational add-ins, and a "Caring Adult Guide'' filled with educational tips and pointers.

“Love this subscription box! I got it for my girls, ages 6 and 10 and they loved it. Packaging is adorable -- it makes a great gift.” – Allison D.

Shipping: Ships within the United States between the 8th and the 13th of every month.


Quirky Crate

From $36.00 per box
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Ideal for the middle school years, Quirky Crate is a monthly box that makes a great gift for tweens by giving them an opportunity to experiment with their own personal style. They’ll build strong self-esteem and grow in confidence sporting fashionably quirky items. With stickers, school supplies, glam bags and other trendsetting accessories, this will become their new favorite subscription.

“Perfect for my 9 year old Granddaughter! She loves getting them! Right up her alley!” – Erin M.

Shipping: Boxes ship around the 15th of every month.


IBBEAUTIFUL for Teen + Tween Girls

From $29.00 per box
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Encourage a strong sense of self through consistent, positive messaging each month with the iBBEAUTIFUL box. Steering clear of comparison can be a difficult task for tweens and teens, so each box focuses on uplifting themes that all girls can benefit from! Along with powerful affirmations that help each young woman recognize her worth, she'll unbox a curated mix of bath and beauty products, jewelry, stationery, and school supplies.

“My 13 year old loves theses boxes! She gets so excited every month. Never has she been unhappy with a box.” – Tina-Marie L.

Shipping: Ships only within the United States between the 20th and the 25th of each month.


The Book Drop: Adult Readers

From $23.58 per box
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Middle-grade readers and YA bookworms will both enjoy getting a new monthly title from The Book Drop. This book club not only has options for readers of all ages, but it’s simple and straightforward, bringing the Independent bookstore vibe right to the front door. Award your kiddos for their hard work with good reads selected just for them (and gift wrapped, too)!

“I started a subscription in May and I have really enjoyed the selections! They have been books I have wanted to read. Love getting the author's note, receiving a bookmark as well as supporting an indie bookstore.” – Shana F.

Shipping: Ships within the United States between the 16th and the 21st of every month.


STRONG self(ie) Monthly Box for Girls

From $34.00 per box
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Girl power is here to stay, and STRONG self(ie) is here to help tween and teen girls celebrate all the traits that make them unique! This one-of-a-kind quarterly subscription box focuses on helping young women understand the value of hard work. Bringing everything from uplifting messages and trendy accessories to beauty products and sweet treats, every box focuses on goals, dedication, and plenty of encouragement.

“Best tween/teen subscription box on the market. My 10-year-old loves this box & looks forward to it every month. I love the cards/affirmations that come with the box-my daughter puts them up on her bathroom mirror.” – Kathryn W.

Shipping: Boxes ship around the 1st of every month.


One Girl Inspired

From $33.87 per box
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What does the world need to create a brighter future? Just One Girl Inspired! After all, inspiration is contagious. This fun monthly subscription box will help you get a jumpstart on empowering and motivating girls ages 13-18 years old with confidence-boosting goodies, like journals, personal development workbooks, school supplies, beauty products and uplifting accessories.

“My 11 year old daughter absolutely LOVES these boxes! She feels inspired, grown up and it brings her joy! We love One Girl Inspired!!!” – Aubrey M.

Shipping: Ships to the United States and Canada around the 4th of every month.


Dungeon Crate™

From $34.33 per box
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Whether they've got an after-school IRL campaign or a weekly virtual meetup, DMs and players can take their game setup to the next level with Dungeon Crate. Each box is curated by experienced gamers who have put together an assortment of useful RPG items that bring different layers to the gameplay, including downloadable adventures, campaigns, and maps, along with tabletop accessories, minis, and dice.

“Perfect Box for hobbyist looking to build their = collection, a year of these will give you a massive D&D world with flexibility in what type of sessions you'd like to run. Highly recommend for DM's who are just starting out.” – Nathan D.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States the third week of every month.



From $24.75 per box
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Inspire any budding artist to make and create with ArtSnacks, an affordable monthly art set that sends the best tools and supplies to learn by doing. No matter what new technique, medium, or method they're exploring, your young artists will be equipped with a curated selection of full-size deluxe art products, including a variety of pencils, paints, inks, brushes, tools and more.

“I have been an Artsnacks subscriber for about 4 years now and I gotta tell you its such a delight every month getting some fabulous art supplies which I probably wouldn't have tried out at art stores but given the chance to do so has really made my art go into so many different directions and I LOVE it. Thanks Artsnacks!” – Liz P.

Shipping: Ships within the United States the last business day of each month.


FaceTory: K-Beauty Subscription Box

From $11.90 per box
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Looking for a budget-friendly care package for teens that's simple and straightforward? FaceTory is all about one of the hottest K-beauty trends –– sheet masks! Perfect for taking a quick study break or enjoying an at-home spa day with the squad, get an assortment of premium Korean sheet masks or upgrade to a curated mix of masks and full-size skincare goodies.

“Love the new collection of masks each month. Highly recommend for anyone who wants a beautiful complexion.” – Julie G.

Shipping: Boxes ship within 1 to 4 days of receiving the order.


Glamour Jewelry Bag

From $39.00 per box
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Perfect for a young woman who prefers to make a more subtle statement through her accessories, the Glamour Jewelry Bag is a beauty subscription that sends a 3-piece collection of delicate, minimalist jewelry in her preferred jewel tone. Whether it’s dainty pendant necklaces, rings, dangle earrings or classic studs, she’ll get just the right amount of bling.

“I love this subscription so much! I rarely am able to find bracelets that fit my unusually tiny wrist! I love the earrings too, and I cannot wait until my next order arrives!” – Kymmy W.

Shipping: Subscription boxes ship around the 20th of every month.


Young Adult Book Monthly

From $14.99 per box
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Now In Books is a fun new book box that puts a spin on classic audio books by combining a good story with good music. Unbox a beautifully gift-wrapped first-edition YA title with a vanity bookmark, along with a curated playlist of music that's been intentionally created to capture the mood of the characters. For a reading experience like no other, subscribers can scan the QR code, get cozy, and hit play!

“The book was incredible! from start to finish it had me hooked. I definetly recommend to science fiction/ magic lovers. The perspective changes kept me on my toes ready to read more! the hardcover quality was perfect and the shipping was a lot sooner than expected. Overall it was great experience 10/10 recommend!” – Shalyse L.

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the United States around the 15th of every month.


Creation Crate: 12 Electronic Projects Annually

From $104.97 per box
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Watch knowledge and interest grow each month with Creation Crate, a box that offers a progressive curriculum where the STEM projects in each box build upon previous lessons and skills. This unique design reinforces fundamental ideas and challenges kids to take learning further. Filled with lessons, tutorials and design challenges, give your teens practical know-how while introducing them to exciting STEM careers!

“Excellent fun! I gave my 8-year-old a subscription and it has been great. I would highly recommend it (and do) to anyone with an interest in electronics and or programming.” – Charles Y.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States on Tuesdays and Fridays.


EYESCREAM Beauty Box Monthly

From $29.99 per box
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The makeup and beauty craze just won’t quit, so make sure your teen has all the supplies they want and need at a great price with the EYESCREAM Beauty Box. Whether it’s a palette filled with the most trendy shades, the latest application accessory, or a product that will give them the perfect pout, they’ll love experimenting with all the products and creating the perfect look.

“I love this box and look forward to getting it every month. One of the things I love about it is that it’s mainly makeup. When there is skincare it is 1 item and the rest is makeup.” – Bel B.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States by the 15th of every month.