The Best Vintage Subscription Boxes: Clothing, Jewelry, Candy, Oh My!

Sometimes the past is better than the present. Whether it’s the music, fashion, games or catchphrases, the retro and vintage lifestyle keeps you looking back. Whoever came up with the saying “out with the old, and in with the new” has definitely got it backwards!

For some vintage lovers, it’s all about nostalgia and memories of days gone by. For others, it’s a love for things that are offbeat and one-of-a-kind. In the days of fast fashion, vintage clothing offers the chance to escape to another time, stand out from the crowd and make more sustainable choices. Retro monthly subscription boxes cover a swathe of interests, making it easy to find a treat for yourself or the perfect gift for a vintage-loving friend.

What are some popular vintage subscription boxes?



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The enamel pins themselves may not be vintage, but accessorizing a lapel is a timeless fashion statement. Loot Pin delivers unique enamel pins, think modern design meets vintage brooch, and offers 4 subscription tiers to choose from, sending everything from minimalist (but still head-turning) enamel pins, gold-plated pins, or sets of 2 or 4 pins to satisfy a whole household of pin enthusiasts!


Betty Boomerang

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Physically live in the past with vintage and retro-modern home decor delivered straight to your doorstep every other month. With coasters, glasses, cocktail glasses, calendars, and other mid-century styled goods, amaze your friends and family with your new “atomic” ranch house.


Original Vinyl Records - Your Genre Picks - 6 LPs

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Good music is timeless. Tune in to any age with the Vinyl Record Club, a monthly box that delivers 6 vinyls in your favorite music genres! Remember this isn't a grab bag -- it is a selection of records that has been handpicked to match your tastes. With a huge collection and backstock, you can discover your next favorite groove. You’ll be transported back to the past in record time right from the first month's box.


Handmade Dice Mystery Box

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Have you ever stumbled upon some vintage games and thought they just don't make them like they used to? Red Star Vintage is here to hook you or a fellow game lover up with a mystery box featuring either vintage board games, card games or jigsaw puzzles. Right from the first box, unbox fun games that have been checked for completeness, coming with original wooden dice, fun game pieces and even original score cards!



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Read into the vintage lifestyle with the Coffee & Vintage or Tea & Vintage Book Club. With the coffee subscription, you’ll receive a vintage paperback book and a 65g bag of ground coffee delivered each month. If that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, Bookishly’s Tea & Vintage Book Club sends you a vintage paperback book, 4 luxury teabags, and beautiful stationery. Coffee, tea, and vintage books– what a perfect blend!


Comma Vintage: Quarterly

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Infuse your own or another special gentleman's style with some retro goodness with Comma Vintage, a quarterly clothing subscription box that specializes in menswear. Curators work hard at styling every subscriber with fashionable retro pieces that match their personality. Start by filling out a personal style survey and get an outfit that may include shirts, jackets, pants and an accessory, along with a letter detailing each selection!


Vintage Teacup Club Duo - Teacup and Saucer

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Chinaware collectors and tea lovers alike will enjoy subscribing to the Vintage Teacup Club, a monthly subscription that lets you enjoy a spot of tea with a retro spin. Put your pinky up, and sip on premium teas with your new beautiful teacup and saucer set. Need a little something to nibble on? Your favorite biscuits and sweets are also included. And, rest assured. They mean business when wrapping your delicate china!


Celebrate States!

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With Celebrate States, you'll journey to different destinations and back in time with a uniquely curated gift box that's perfect for yours truly or any other adventurous spirit. While not everything in the box is from days gone by, each box centers around a different location and gives you a chance to explore a different state through long-time classic goodies and local small-batch treats, along with fun facts about the featured locale.


Classic Candy Box

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These hard-to-find vintage candy classics will transport you back to another time. Take a trip down memory lane with a candy club that specializes in nostalgic sweet offerings from the early 1900s to the '80s.


Vintage Craft Supplies Box

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Time hop to days gone by with classic vintage-inspired ephemera pieces packed into the Vintage Craft Supplies Box by Cora Crea Crafts. Great for DIY scrapbookers, journalers, and mixed media artists, every monthly delivery takes care of all your paper craft needs with a mix of themed stationery goodies. Whether the theme is maps, floral motifs or human anatomy, open to find beautifully designed paper, stickers, stamps and more!



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A simple monthly subscription that perfects for coffee-loving bookworms, with the Coffee & Vintage Book Club you know just what to expect. This isn't a monthly book box for those who want lots of extras, just a straightforward club that delivers a pre-loved vintage book and delicious ground coffee at an affordable price point. No frills necessary, just brew yourself a robust cuppa and take in a time-honored title!