9 Subscription Boxes To Grow Your Reiki Healing Practice

Tapping into our life energy is part of the art of natural healing through Reiki. This alternative method of healing was developed almost 100 years ago by Mikao Usui. To provide healing energy, Reiki practitioners use attunement to manipulate the flow of energy by moving their hands over the body along the lines of the five traditional Reiki symbols, referred to as hon sha ze sho nen. Some practice distance healing and perform Reiki sessions to patients all over the world.

Born from Eastern philosophies, Reiki treatment focuses on emotional, spiritual and physical rehabilitation through the forces that lie within us and all around us. In-person and distant Reiki always works for your highest good, adjusting to the unique needs of each individual.

If you're looking to explore how Reiki energy can improve your quality of life, the Cratejoy Marketplace has some amazing Reiki boxes that bring energy-charged spiritual tools, including everything from crystals and aromatherapy, to calm music and practical guidance. Here are some of our favorite boxes that are ready to improve your energy flow and help you achieve balance and wellness.

1. Owl & Moon Apothecary


Price: Starts at $17.95/month

What You’ll Get: Prep yourself with the Power Symbol, cho ku rei, and open each of your chakras to receive the healing goodness that's packed into every delivery from Owl & Moon Apothecary Box. Charged with distant healing Reiki vibes, unpack a unique assortment of goodies curated by an experienced Reiki Master and Crystal Healer. Unbox a hand-poured crystal-adorned candle, along with handmade aromatherapy products, soaps and useful metaphysical supplies.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. within 5 business days from the end of the month

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2. Chakra Box


Price: Starts at $39.00/month

What You’ll Get: From Earth Star all the way through to Ascension, Luxe Chakra Box will enhance your Reiki practice by taking you through a methodical approach to align your 7 chakras. Designed as a 9-month quest to restore harmony to your body and mind, each box focuses on a specific chakra, bringing a mix of practical tools, like crystals, herbal tea blends, cleansing smudge supplies, meditation music, and informational pro tips.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. within 5 business days, with renewals shipping in the 1st full week of the month

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3. Enchanted Crystal


Price: Starts at $14.50/month

What You’ll Get: Aiding in everything from spiritual protection and awareness, to deep relaxation and peace of mind, the powerful crystals sent by Enchanted Crystal can enhance your Reiki practice. Whether clearing your own field or using them as a practical tool, every crystal has been sourced from trusted suppliers across the globe. Unbox a crystal of the month or a curated assortment of stones, along with a handmade sacred geometry cloth grid.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. between the 5th-8th of every month

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4. Spiritual Goodies box


Price: Starts at $34.57/month

What You’ll Get: Learn from those who have walked the path before you with the Spiritual Teacher Spotlight found in the Spiritual Goodies box. Get all the guidance and tools you need to unlock your power for change with a box that focuses on exploring and understanding the mind-body connection. Keep that ki, or life energy, flowing at its full potential with a mix of top-quality goodies like charged crystals, energizing body products, meditations and more.

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the U.S. within 1-3 days of ordering

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5. Awakening in a Box


Price: Starts at $13.33/month

What You’ll Get: Fill your body and home with positive energy and healing vibes with the spiritual subscriptions from Awakening in a Box. Available in 5 different options, whether you're looking to harness the powers of crystals or the wisdom of tarot, there's a subscription that will meet your needs and interests. From oracle and tarot decks, to intuitively selected, charged crystals, each box is curated to help you strengthen your connection with a higher energy!

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. between the 20th-25th of each month

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6. Cosmic Crystal Box


Price: Starts at $20.95/month

What You’ll Get: Crystals act as an energy center that can help you connect the physical and the spiritual realms. So, whether you're doing healing work on any of the 7 chakras, the powerful gemstones in the Cosmic Crystal Box are ideal for cleansing energy fields and creating a sacred workspace. Enhance your practice with 1 large crystal or a selection of smaller gemstones, along with relevant details about their individual healing properties.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 6th of every month

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7. Karma Scents


Price: Starts at $12.50/month

What You’ll Get: Incense is more than just a room fragrance -- it is a spiritual tool that can change the energy in any room! Make sure you have only the best incense on hand with a monthly subscription to Karma Scents. Relax and open the mind with premium hand-rolled incense sticks made by Indian artisans. Choose between the small, medium or large boxes for a mix of between 60-300 incense sticks, cones, spirals, and burners from a variety of top brands.

Shipping: Only ships within the U.S. between the 15th-20th of the month

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8. Mindful Box by Mindful Souls


Price: Starts at $39.97/month

What You’ll Get: The healing energy of Reiki goes hand-in-hand with other energy work. Explore how everything from crystal work and aromatherapy to affirmations and sacred jewelry can boost your practice with a monthly assortment from Mindful Souls. Working to simplify the concept of spirituality, you'll get the chance to familiarize yourself with a host of spiritual tools that have been handpicked to soothe the mind, body and soul!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. immediately after ordering, with renewals shipping on the 7th of each month

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