Nurture a Reiki Healing Practice with Intention-Setting Subscription Boxes

If you're looking to explore how Reiki energy can improve your quality of life, the Cratejoy Marketplace has some amazing Reiki boxes that bring energy-charged spiritual tools, including everything from crystals and aromatherapy, to calm music and practical guidance. Here are some of our favorite wellness boxes that are ready to improve your energy flow and help you achieve balance.


Ritual Box

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Rituals can provide a sense of security and calm, particularly when the world around you seems out of whack. With the Reiki Ritual Box, you can focus on the simple steps you need to take to manifest love, money, health and more. Go through the scene-setting motions with all the related products you'll need to perform cleansing smudges, rejuvenating baths, and calming meditations.


Owl and Moon Apothecary Box

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Prep yourself with the Power Symbol, cho ku rei, and open each of your chakras to receive the healing goodness that's packed into the Owl & Moon Apothecary Box. Charged with healing Reiki vibes, unpack an assortment of goodies curated by an experienced Reiki Master and Crystal Healer, including a hand-poured crystal-adorned candle, aromatherapy products, soaps and useful metaphysical supplies.


Mindful Box by Mindful Souls

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Subscription box healing can play a supportive role with other energy work. Explore crystals, aromatherapy, affirmations and sacred jewelry, while boosting your practice with a monthly assortment from Mindful Souls. Working to simplify the concept of spirituality and the law of attraction, you'll get the chance to acquaint yourself with a range of spiritual tools, handpicked to soothe the mind, body and soul!


Chakra Box - A Self Care Guided Journey For Mind, Body & Spirit

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From Earth Star all the way through to Ascension, the Chakra Box will enhance your Reiki practice by taking you through a journey that aligns your 7 chakras. Designed as a 9-month quest to restore harmony to your body and mind, each box focuses on a specific chakra, and is ready to clear blockages and restore a healthy energy flow with everything from crystals and tea to cleansing smudge and meditation music.


Spiritual Goodies box

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Learn from those who have walked the path before you with the Spiritual Teacher Spotlight found in the Spiritual Goodies box. This gift box brings you the guidance and tools you need to unlock your power for change by exploring and understanding the mind-body connection. Keep that life energy flowing at its full potential with charged crystals, like agate and citrine, energizing body products, meditations and more.


Crystal Variety Box

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Whether it's an amethyst wand or a crystal cluster, the Crystal Variety Box is here to support your spiritual self-care and personal growth. Dive into a world of cosmic energy every month with a mix of handpicked crystals and a handcrafted cloth grid to help boost your energy through sacred geometry. Plus, they're all packaged in eco-friendly materials that are kind to Mother Earth!



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The Awakening Box can help you use Reiki principles to tap into your true feelings, open up your chakras, and get your energy moving. Harnessing the energetic power of crystals, each monthly box brings beautiful charged gemstones that can help you deepen your connection with yourself and the universe, along with aromatherapy, oracle tools and mindfulness activities.