The Best Self-Care Subscription Boxes That Support Your Whole Self

Self-care means something different and wonderful to all of us. We might have the tendency to think of it as beauty products — bath bombs, scrubs, face masks and deluxe lotions and potions — things we use for pampering our physical bodies, but it goes well beyond that. Mental health and wellness are an equally important part of any self-care routine. It’s all about self love in its totality, baby!

There’s an abundance of monthly subscription boxes on the Cratejoy marketplace that focus exclusively on self-care, because subscription services can give you that gentle nudge to turn inward to that quiet place that restores you, even if it’s just for a moment. Whether you want to enjoy a relaxing bath salt-filled soak, learn the art of affirmations, unwind with a good book or make your fitness routine more manageable with inspiring trackers, there are monthly plans that can help you do just that. Special hand-curated collections of high-quality full-sized products help you add more mindfulness to your day-to-day, and that peace of mind alone is a therapeutic activity.