Bible Journaling 101: The Best Subscriptions for Supplies and Ideas

The margins of Bibles everywhere are now colorful landscapes of devotion and religious inspiration. Worshippers have embraced the practice of, simply, writing in Bibles. The Illustrated Faith trend is an artistic and tangible way to connect with Scripture on the Bible pages themselves. Bible journaling supplies, however, are so much more than yellow highlighters.

These days, amazing artwork with colored pencils, gel pens, watercolor paint, washi tape, acrylic paint, and micron pens decorate God's word. With all the introspective doodling, a faith-based subscription box and an arts and craft subscription box go hand-in-hand with the routine. If you know someone who is already Bible journaling, we have gift suggestions for the Christian woman below.

What are the benefits of bible journaling?

Bible journals help believers remain intentional about the messaging. The ability to pause, to draw while reading is the biggest takeaway many Bible journalers gush about. Instead of taking notes elsewhere, they feel like interacting with the Creator in an intimate, conversational way.


What supplies are needed for Bible journaling?

Bible art journaling

Bible journal supplies can be whatever medium you feel most comfortable or inspired to pick up that day. Bible paper is notoriously thin, so you'll want to pick up an actual Bible journal, like the ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, to dive into the world of embellishments. Stencils, paintbrushes, and watercolor pencils are creative ways practicers connect with the books of the Bible on the page when it comes to vibrant shapes.

Bible note-taking

For note-taking, specific Bible journaling pen sets with fine tips are a popular choice among Bible study groups. Printables and Prismacolor-decorated Bible tabs anchor the text among journaling pages that range from pastel to black for a fun bright pigment gel pen effect.

What is the best Bible journaling kit and where can you buy it?

We think that the perfect Bible journaling kit is a combination of a faith-based subscription box and a journaling subscription box so you never have to think twice about supplies.

It's hard enough to reserve moments in this busy life for introspection in your faith. Let some of our favorite sellers give you the time back in your day to put some pigment on the page.


Violette Sticker Club

From $11.50 per box
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Why You'll Love It: Stickers can be the perfect quirky addition to any bullet journal and that goes for bible journaling too. Violette Sticker Club can help with that. Each box includes 15 full sheets of stickers… so go ahead and get sticker crazy!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 25th of every month


Penspiration by Cloth & Paper

From $20.00 per box
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Why You'll Love It: Cloth & Paper brings fancy pens, stationary, and journal planning supplies to your door. Choose from select boxes, ranging from the Planner to the Penspiration, that fit your supply needs. If you love good artist pens, you'll love Cloth & Paper.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. (except select countries) between the 19th-24th of every month



From $32.04 per box
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Why You'll Love It: The main goal of Faithbox is to help people grow within their faith journey. This subscription delivers needed inspiration through daily devotionals, faith guides, booklets, and items made by Christian companies. They also give back by donating 3 meals per box to feed the hungry!

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the U.S. on the 25th of each month


STICKII Monthly Sticker Subscription

From $10.00 per box
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Why You'll Love It: The STICKII Monthly Sticker Subscription offers three themed boxes to choose from (Cute Pack, Vintage Pack, Pop Pack) and all would make cute additions to the margins of your parables. The stickers are the perfect size for Bible journal pages, making this a no-brainer for your supply routine.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States (except select countries) on the 11th of each month


The Delilah Box

From $28.50 per box
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Why You'll Love It: The Delilah Box is a monthly book club that uncovers the more questionable or "bad girls" of the Bible. While this isn't a stationary-based box, you'll find yourself wanting to give these pages the ol' Crayola treatment when you find yourself rooting for women you heard once or twice, but get to know better each month. Boxes also come with a bath-spa relaxation product, a candle, and other trinkets that match the muse of the month.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States on the 17th of each month


Butterfly Box Monthly Subscription Renews on sign-up anniversary

From $32.92 per box
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Why You'll Love It: A message-focused monthly subscription, the Butterfly Box will bring context and depth to your Bible journaling with each month's theme. The quiet moments with God in each box are designed to build your intimacy with Christ. The boxes come with five to six items like a book, home decor, or jewelry thoughtfully chosen for you.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S.


Paper Bliss

From $13.17 per box
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Why You'll Love It: Paper Kitty brings themed, whimsical stationary supplies to your desk each month. While not all of the materials are Bible journal-friendly (you probably wouldn't fit a mini notebook in there, but you do you!), the pens, stickers, and writing materials are perfect. Having a little fun with a theme each month can also help you remember where you were when you read that passage and made those beautiful notes.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 5th of every month