11 Awesome Kids Book Clubs to Make Summer Reading Extra Fun

Ah, summer. The glorious time of year for kids to, well, be kids. While the season represents an important time for youngsters to reset, recharge, and experience life outside the classroom, it’s essential for children to keep their minds and imaginations active. And there’s no better way to foster a child’s love of learning than to establish an appreciation for the written word via some of the best books for kids. Not only does reading reinforce skills learned over the previous school year, it also sets kids up for success in the years to come. But in this digital age, how can parents direct their children’s focus away from screens and back on the page? How can we make reading fun again?

The truth is, reading never stopped being fun. Opening a book is opening a world! As parents, we simply need to introduce the medium to curious minds. The number-one thing to keep kids reading is actual access to physical books. (Yes, it really is that simple.)

At Cratejoy, we offer numerous monthly book clubs for kids that bring the joy of discovery right to your door. To help garner enthusiasm, these children’s book clubs are full of great books tailored to the reader’s ages. But what’s the solution for reluctant readers? How can we turn them into enthusiastic bookworms too? You just have to consider their interests. There’s a monthly subscription for it, right here at Cratejoy.

We’ve gathered some of our best book subscription boxes of new books and more to entice the budding bookworm to look forward to story time. Read on for book subscriptions and reading tips to turn your young ones into enthusiastic readers.

Top 11 Reading Clubs for Young Readers


Music Library

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If your child is musically inclined or interested, Music Library Box is the perfect monthly subscription to help them march to the beat of their own drum — literally and figuratively. Each month, your child is sent a music-themed children's book to introduce him or her to diverse styles of music and musicians (think everything from Bob Marley to Beethoven), plus 2-3 activities to inspire their own musicianship. Not only does this book club for kids foster a life-long appreciation for music, it harmoniously drives a love of reading and learning by tapping into your child’s passion. (Sounds like music to our ears!)

Who It’s Perfect For: Budding musicians ages 4+ ready to get down with a good storytime.


My First Reading Club

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It’s well known that activities and events experienced at a young age have lifelong impact. That’s why it’s so important to foster a love of books early...even if your young ones aren’t exactly reading yet. While this subscription offers phenomenal boxes for kids of all ages, their book boxes for babies and toddlers are one of our top picks for this tender age. The bright and cheery board books and picture books selected for these boxes are engaging and so much fun for your babies to look at. And how sweet is this? A small gift for Mom is included in each box, too.

Who It’s Perfect For: We love this box for the littlest of little ones.


Reading Bug Box

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Being a parent isn’t always easy and it’s impossible to be an expert at solving every dilemma that enters day to day life. Selecting great books for young ones (especially finicky or picky ones) is no exception. That’s where Reading Bug Box comes in handy. Hand-picked by the expert staff of an independent children’s bookstore, the books included in each box are personalized to your child’s age, interests, and reading level. And, the books are often chosen with storytime in mind, helping to promote read-aloud parent-child bonding, which will help youngsters associate books with their best childhood memories.

Who It’s Perfect For: Storytime hour and encouraging a love of reading in kids of all ages.


Little Bookish Wardrobe Book Club

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Talk about books bringing words to life! The Little Bookish Wardrobe doesn’t just engage curious young minds with fabulous reads tailored to your kids’ age ranges and interests. It also illustrates and elaborates on the included story with costumes, crafts, and more to fire up the fun and fuel their creative spirits.

Who It’s Perfect For: Creative kids with big imaginations!


Our Little Book Club

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Here’s a perfect pick for the perfect price. Our Little Book Box delivers two age-appropriate hardcover books and an activity book every month for an awesome value. Plus, the books sent often offer a slight range in complexity so young minds can keep building up their reading skills.

Who It’s Perfect For: Little ones who love getting creative.


Deluxe Membership

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Tailor-made for creative kids, KidArtLit delivers a hardcover, high-quality, visually stunning book every month! These books are selected to inspire your kids’ awe of artwork...and because the books are new releases, it’s highly unlikely the included read is one already in your family’s collection. In addition, each subscription encourages creativity with an on-theme and unique art activity with enough supplies for two...that means it’s perfect for siblings, play dates, and parent-child bonding.

Who It’s Perfect For: Young readers and budding artists.


Snail Mail Weekly Letter from Sunny the Mail Snail for ages 3 to 8

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Not all kids love reading. But here’s a universal truth: kids love mail! And snail mail for kids brings reading and receiving cool mail into one adorable package every single week. Not only do little ones get a cute plush snail to play with in their first box, their new snail friend (named Sunny!) sends an update letter every week that tells a story about his adventures while imparting a lesson learned through his travels. Sunny also treats youngsters to stickers, bookmarks, and other fun surprises. We think this is one of the cutest and most clever ways to sneak a love of learning and reading into your child’s life.

Who It’s Perfect For: Reluctant readers and little explorers.